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  1. Wuxi Goldfax Electronic Co.,Ltd

    CHINAWelcome to Wuxi Goldfax Electronic Co.,Ltd.
    We are committed to the development and production of Weight Loss Scale,Chain Plate Scale,Rotor Scale and Screw Scale.


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    Wuxi Goldfax Electronic Co.,Ltd .located in Wuxi High & New Technology Development Zone, is a joint venture enterprise integrating technology, industry and trade into and mainly engaging in researching ,developing and producing the products for indusrtial process automation.It is a specialized weigh belt manufacturers,one of the electronic weigh belt as accessories for consrtuction material industry.At the same time engaged in Instrument, Sensor related microelectonic applications and chip design. In the last 30 years, the Company has developed the following products successively: Weighfeeder, The rotor weigher, Weightlessness weigher, Electronic belt weigher,Solid Flow Meter,Chain plate scale,Belt chain plate scale,Bucket chain scale,Spiral electronic scale,Double-belt suspended scale,Double belt-type constant weigher,Packing scale,Mixed machine,Batch batching system,Bin type scale,Bulk scale,Electronic Sound etc, provede corresponding DCS/PLC Control System. Also available Prefeed equipment: Bale opener,Double pipe screw feeder,Rigid impeller feeder,Vibration hopper, powder flow valve, Chain plate feeder, Disc feefer etc. 

    螺旋秤的主要特點及工作原理 2018-04-26
    固體流量計的測量系統及電流輸出 2018-04-20
    螺旋稱的自動化裝置及結構特點 2018-04-13
    煤粉轉子秤的優點及喂料控制裝置 2018-04-11
    螺旋秤的輸送方向及填充系數 2018-03-24
    螺旋稱的組成要求及溫度變化 2018-03-23
    管式螺旋稱的空載啟動及正確安裝與調整布… 2018-03-16
    轉子秤的物料重量檢測及卡料現象的處理 2018-03-13
    皮帶秤的速度變化應該如何去控制 2018-03-09
    轉子秤的靈敏度高及控制范圍寬 2018-03-07
    螺旋稱的能量消耗的部位及性能特點 2018-03-05
    電子皮帶秤的有效安裝位置及計量要求 2018-02-28
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